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Initial Thoughts


Decisions about "health" must be taken over experiences taken from our contact with patients. These contacts and information can be produced as a result of studies or also from projects which aim is to help the patient to understand and control his pathology.

  • Clinical Trials.
  • Programs/Projects which aim is to help the patien to know how to behave with his/her pathology, provide him/her a better life time, but also programs that can track information regarding the evolution of the patients and which can be used to understand and analyze the efectiveness of our treatements over "Real World Evidence"

Patient Care Programs (P.C.P.) are a set of actions which provide an added value to the treatment of our patients,  and whch aim is to help the patient to achieve all the objectives set up by the Doctor. Providing materials, suggestions and services that improve the acceptance and adherence of the illness and its treatement are the key objectives of these type of programs.

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WHY a P.C.P.?


Which Must be the reasons to launch a patient care program?




who is it for?




Patiens will find their benefit from joining a P.C.P by increasing the follow up service which will train them in the pathology, their needs within the treatment, adapting their needs... always following the main instructions provided by their Doctor.


They want to provide a certain level of training, understanding and involvement of their patients with their treatments, further from the time they have during the medical visit.

They will also get access to information about the evolution within the P.C.P, not only for each of their patients, but also comparing them with the patient community that has joined the global program. This information will be very useful to help them to take future decistions in future patients with the same desease.



Industry strenghens its level of information, adquiring a stronger image of the brand much more appreciated by the society. The insdustry is not only present to provide the right treatment but also to provide a set of services which improve significatively the level of life of their patients.

Obtaining real information about the evolution of our patients increases also the possibilities to improve our treatments, and thus the added value services that the Industry can provide to the community.



simply smart & P.C.P.





Simply Smart is composed by a team of qualified professionals in each of the working areas needed to design and execute a P.C.P successfully.:

  • Health Care profesionals for a better contact and communication with the patient.
  • Marketing Teams with a deeple knowledge of the Life Science Industry.
  • Technical and IT Teams able to provide the betst management and execution tools for these kind of services.

We will design the P.C.P project with you, that will fit the needs not only for the desease and treament, but also to provide the best set of services and tools to help your patient to feel much better with the evolution of their treament.

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